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Petr Dvořák: +420 602 200 005
Jiří Dvořák: +420 777 676 215

ATIN - atypické interiéry s.r.o
Cernokostelecka 1168/90
100 00, Prague 10, Czech Republic


We make kitchens in various styles, from classic to rustic to modern. We can also modify plain doors to give a high-gloss finish, for example. With our kitchens we can offer a wide assortment of fittings, such as handles, self-dampening drawer fittings, self-closing doors, aluminium frames for cupboard doors with gas door buffers.
We also a large assortment of wire forms, different types of fitted waste bins (including for recycling) and kitchen lighting. At your request we can also organise plumbing and electrical services.